Saturday, September 22, 2012

Patrick's Birthday!

It's our friend Patrick's birthday.

It was fun to celebrate with friends and help Patrick eat cake and chips & pop!
 Cool cake, go for it, Patrick!
 He blew the candles out about 6 times and they kept relighting themselves!  It was so funny!

 ...they're out...'re back on fire!
 Tradition continues, each must feed cake to the other!
 President Michael and his family supported Patrick at this party.
 Vaibhav, Elder Kullai, Elder Sodadasi, Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg
 I guess confetti-like sprinkles or sparkles are popular for the guest of honor.
 Yup, that was fun.  I'm glad I'm not cleaning those up!
This is Kannagi, a Convent Road Branch member who cleans for us 2 mornings a week.
She is also a very good cook!

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