Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Numbers keep Growing!

We are in a constant state of flux!  Sometimes it's called a 'rolling transfer'!

There are new Elders coming into the mission and Elders finishing their missions going home.

 This is Elder Solomon from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Elder Ravi from California, USA

We are so happy to have them here!  They are OCI Elders. Remember that stands for 'Overseas Citizen of India'.  There are no registration requirements for them and I love that!

 I love it in the office, especially when there are Elders coming and going.
left to right: Elder Prabhakar, Elder Vinck, Elder Katuka, Elder Mattes, Elder Miniyappa, Elder Solomon, Elder Sharma, Elder Ravi

 The Assistants are going to lunch with 2 departing and 2 arriving Elders.

 Elder Miniyappa and Elder Prabhakar are finished their missions and are going home.
 These 2 Elders are both from Hyderabad, so we might see them around once in a while.
 President & Sister Funk with the departing Elders Prabhakar & Miniyappa.

We had a very nice dinner at the mission home.  
We were also happy to be able to participate in the Farewell Fireside and hear the stories and testimonies of the Elders who are going home.

The next day there were 5 New Elders who arrived from the Philippines MTC.

Elder Pothula from Rajahmundry and Elder Alosias from Coimbatore.

 Elder Kandukuri from Rajahmundry

Elder Yelisetti from Rajahmundry and Elder Pydimalla from Hyderabad.

 Elder Pothula, Elder Kandukuri, Elder Yelisetti, Elder Pydimalla, Elder Alosias
 Elder Ramaraj & Elder Pothula, new companions! 
Sometimes the camera meters off the white shirts and everything else is dark because of it.
 Elder Ramaraj
 Elder Katuka & Elder Watts, new companions!
 Which shot do you like better?  This one with higher ISO, or the previous one with a flash?
Elder Katuka and Elder Watts posing with the Office Couple!
 Such a nice group of Elders.  Carry on serving, Elders!
 Elder Pydimalla is showing us how to do a 1 handed pushup.  
That's strong.  Now use that strength in furthering the Lord's work, right?!

 Elder Watts was doing a 1 handed pushup.
 Elder S. Kumar is laughing too hard to do a pushup.
Elder Watts has really strong legs...the better to tract out new investigators!

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