Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chennai, Day #2

We spend two wonderful days in Chennai.

The second day we worked out in the morning, had a great buffet breakfast at the Hotel buffet with Jonas and Sam, toured the Church buildings and saw many interesting sights.

Here are a few photos from out day.
Jonas worked to get the internet working at the Chennai 2nd Branch building.  Good job, Jonas!
 Elder Wigg enjoying the day and the view out the window at the church.

 Elder Higgins and Elder Prakash (had some medical problem, thus the bandana. He didn't wear it any more after today)
 Jonas and Sam finishing up their work.  They work as physical facilities employees for the Service Center upstairs from our office and are our traveling buddies for this trip.
 This is the minivan we traveled in from Bangalore to Chennai and back.
 Jonas & Sam checking to be sure the internet is working, at last.
 Electrical substation?  What do you think?
 Hindu temple has beautiful colors.
 Elder Wigg with Elder Erupula & Elder Bown
 Elder Vinck, Elder Mills, Elder Sharma, Elder Wigg, Elder Erupula, Elder Bown
 Now Elder Wigg is behind the camera so that I can be in one photo.
 We ate lunch at the same restaurant as yesterday, pretty funny.
 Jonas taking our photo for us.  Thanks, Jonas.

 Elder Wigg eating his Chicken Biryani (it comes with a boiled egg!)

 Chicken Biryani comes with one small dish of gravy and Raita (closest dish made up of buttermilk, onion & tomatoes)
 This is where we stayed, The Residency.  It was very nice.
 There was a little parade walking down the street, with some playing and singing.
 I'm not sure what it was all about, but it sounded good.

 Chennai arches
The clouds were building.  But, indeed, every cloud has a silver lining!

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