Friday, August 31, 2012

Recent Growth

Recently there was some success and real growth in Erode.
I will edit and add more names when I can.
 Elder Sharma, one of the Assistants to the President, beside the Church sign in Tamil.
 Elder Sharma and company
 There were 13 people baptized this day in Erode, Tamil Nadu.
The Elders doing the ordinances were: (front, left to rt.) Elder Smoot, Elder Aruldoss, Elder Jurial, Elder N. Massey, Elder R. Kumar, Elder D. Hodgson (back 2nd from rt), Elder Ram (back right)
 What an exciting and spiritual day!
 Such a nice looking group.
 President Watson was visiting.  He is the president in the Asia Area Presidency.
 What a wonderful experience!
What a sweet family!  Welcome into the Church!

And Growth in Goa!

The Elders have done some baptizing in Goa, as well!
 I don't yet know the names of the people who joined the Church, but the Elder in white is Elder Miniyappa and his companion on the right is Elder Randall.
 Elder Worton (left) and Elder Miniyappa.
One day there was no water for the font, I believe.  They had to go to the ocean for the baptism.
 Elder Nelapati, Elder Worton, , Elder Randall, , Elder Miniyappa.
 How exciting this must have been for them.
 President Funk watches on.
 It doesn't look very warm, but they said the water wasn't cold.
 It is great that both President and Sister Funk could be there to view these 2 baptisms.
 In order to witness the baptisms properly, the other 2 Elders had to go out into the water, as well.
How wonderful is this?  It's so amazing!

There is real growth happening in the Church in India!  It's amazing to see!

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