Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lalbagh Flower Show

We attended the Flower Show at Lalbagh Botanical Garden with Elder & Sister Hatch.  

It was the day before India's Independence Day (15 August) so even though there were big crowds, it wasn't as bad as it would be the next day.

It was beautiful and fun.

 I love the symmetry in the park.  It's beautiful.

 This lady sells her corn toasted, or roasted on the charcoals.

 Walking towards the Glass House where most of the potted plants will be on display.
 The Glass House, where most of the flower show takes place.

 This flower is fantastic!

 Elder & Sister Hatch

 Often, people at random, ask for a photo with you.  It's pretty funny.

 We walked around the park.  It was perfect weather, as it is everyday in Bangalore!

 The trees are so amazing and huge!

 There is always a family of monkeys in Lalbagh.  There were several young ones playing today.
 Jerome always finds people to talk to.  He can make friends anywhere!
We really enjoyed a couple hours at the flower show.  It was a beautiful day and worth the effort to see Lalbagh today with Elder & Sister Hatch.

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