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Bhanu Weds Vaibhav

Congratulations to Bhanumathi & Vaibhav John, newlyweds!

We are so excited for the sweet couple, Bhanu & Vaibhav, who have recently married.  

I am posting the church wedding and reception photos from 13 July 2012, hoping that I will get some of the Temple trip, as well.

 Beautiful decorations, but they got rained out later on.

 And the flowers were gorgeous.

 The Bride, Bhanu, arrives.
 Bhanu, you're beautiful!
 Elder Racharla & Elder Kullai attend.
 These guys were part of the decorating committee.
 Elder Smith played the piano.
 The bridal car.
 Sister Tracy with the brides' sister.
 Mother of the Bride
 Other family of the bride

 This little guy is so cute.
 Patrick and Tracy, friends of the bride's family
 Bhanu is visiting with Ashish, a friend of Vaibhav's
 Henna on the hands is an Indian wedding tradition.

 Vaibhav is stuck in traffic and Bhanu is checking up on him.  Where are you?
 So I hung out with the bride and we got some fun shots.

 You're so beautiful, Bhanu!
 The Groom has arrived.  Vaibhav is here!
 Now we're waiting a few minutes for the Bride.

 Here comes the Bride, Bhanu, with her father.
 We're ready to begin.
 We have an opening hymn and prayer.
 I think this is the Father of the Groom.  He gets to say a few words.
 Elder Sodadasi gives a scripture thought.
 Sister Tracy gives a tribute to the Bride.
 President Mudumala gives the ceremony, and advice.
 Someone helps to lift the veil and Vaibhav gets to kiss the bride.
 They're married!
 Now it's just a few more minutes of challenging advice, I think.
 Here is the happy couple!

 They exchange rings...
 ...first her ring...

 ...then his ring.

And now, introducing, Mr. and Mrs. V. John.

 People line up for their turn to get a photo with the Bride and Groom.
 The groom's family, as well.
 The groom's family.

 I think this is Vaibhav's family with them.
 A photo with Patrick and Tracy, close friends of Bhanu's family.
 I don't know everyone, but I'm pretty sure this is Vaibhav's family.
Friends, Usha and Uday, take a turn for a photo.
 Elder Wigg and I got to pose with the newlyweds.
Some of our favourite people together: Elder Vinck, Elder Sodadasi, Bhanu John, Vaibhav John, Elder Sharma, Elder Smith
 The happy couple with Bhanu's parents.
 This little guy was so funny, enjoying taking apart the groom's flowers.
 I think this is Bhanu's family.
 Patrick & Elder Wigg with Viabhav, the ex Elder John!
 It's interesting that both the Bride and Groom have a flower bouquet.
 Welcome to the family by the little sister.
 I'm not sure, is he giving advice?
 So much love from friends!
 Patrick brings in the wedding cake.

 Bhanu gets a couple minutes to visit with friends.
 Friends pose with Vaibhav.

 They make a lovely picture.
 Tradition continues, the cutting of the cake.
 First, he feeds cake to her...
 ...she then feeds cake to him.
 Vaibhav feeds cake to Grandma.
 Getting ready to throw the bride's bouquet.
 There it goes!
 The tallest girl caught the bouquet!

 Brother Uday wanted this picture to give to his fiance; a flower for her, right?
But Elder Wigg had different ideas.
 He is helping Uday look beautiful for the reception.  He doesn't appreciate it much, I don't think.
 A close up of Bhanu's ring and henna designs.
 Dinner was served.  It was a fabulous meal of Indian Food.
 Here you can see the Dahl and Naan, and further down, Rice and Chicken Curry.
 He's a changed man!
 Vaibhav's friends are having some fun.
 Helpful friends bring Vaibhav upstairs to the main hall.
They changed into Traditional Indian wedding clothes for the reception.

 The Traditional Indian Wedding clothing looks amazingly beautiful. Bhanu is wearing a half sari.
This is Neel (from the Service Center) and his father on the left, and Prem and his wife, Teresamica on the right.  They are having their 1st baby in September. 
 Each person who brings a gift, comes up to give the gift to the new couple and they get their picture taken in return.

 Traditional India wedding shoes, it seems.

 This is more tradition, tying the knot.  He gives her some jewelry and ties 3 knots at the back of her neck, symbolizing, of course, tying the knot!

 President Samson and his family

 Everyone wants their photo taken with the newlyweds, but I just can't post all of them.

 This guy was pretty funny.  He's showing me his muscles and says 'look, look'.  
That means...take my any language.

 They make such a cute couple!
 Ashish, Bhanu, Vaibhav, Ragu
 Posing with Patrick & Tracy, good friends. Bhanu's sister sits at the side and takes care of the gifts.
 Posing with Grandma
 Gorgeous wedding jewelry 
 Beautiful Bhanumathi
 He says, "Hey, you, no more of that!"  But I keep on taking.
 Grandma enjoying the evening

 Grandpa in the middle!
 I took photos for the evening but there was also a videographer taping the whole event. I really like this photo.

 flower garland appears to tie them together

 Don't Bhanu & Vaibhav look cute together!

 and happy...
 Bhanu, you're a beauty!

 this is the traditional look
Lovely ladies in their saris and half saris

Bhanu & Vaibhav went 2 days later to Hong Kong and were sealed in the Temple.  I heard that it was a great experience for them.  If I get photos of that, I will post some.

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