Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Usha's Farewell

Before someone goes on their mission they hold a farewell as a celebration event.

We attended part of the Farewell for Usha.

 Presenting: Sister Usha
 This is only about half of the people that came.  Many came later after we had left.

 Elder Newbill & Elder Simson
 So many friends, family and branch members gathered to celebrate.

 There were several speeches about the family and their conversion to the gospel.
 They had video taken of friends and family wishing her health and success which they showed on the screen behind, after the cake cutting.  We also spoke and wished her a good mission.
 This is Sister Usha, with the cake.  I wish I had a close up of the cake as I can't see what it says.

 They cut the cake.
 They feed each other cake, as is the tradition.

 Sticky fingers
 Usha will make a wonderful missionary.
 She gave a speech, as well.

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