Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BYU Dancers "The Rhythm of Life"

We had the great opportunity to go to the dance performance of the BYU dance company "Contemporary Dance Theatre" that is touring India. They go to 5 cities in about 3 weeks.

 Sunil was kind enough to invite us to ride with him over to the Hall to watch the performance.  This is Sunil's car behind him & Elder Wigg
 We are just outside the office waiting for Judy and her little girls to arrive, to go with us.
 This is the side entrance to Chowdiah Memorial Hall.
 These are advertisers posters.  The Memorial Hall is a free performance hall, funded by advertisements.
 We arrived very early.  Firstly, we didn't know how long it would take us to get to the other side of town in traffic.  Secondly, we wanted to be early to get a good seat.
 These potted plants are beautiful!
Chowdiah Memorial Hall is the shape of a violin.  Can you see the strings? It's pretty cool! 
 Just a few people arriving early, like us.
 Yup, some Service Center employees.
 This is Sundar's little boy.
 Sundar and his family.
 Vivian and his family.
 Ladies visiting before the performance.  Can you tell that there is a lovely breeze blowing?

I am sorry that the photos of the dancing aren't better.  The low light and motion make photography difficult and for some reason, I just couldn't get a really good photo.

Brigham Young University's Contemporary Dance Theatre Presents:

The Rhythm of Life

 The end of "Fling Flang Flung"
 Dance of Remembrance, from 'Woman, the Pioneer'
 'Life's a Bench' This was a fun dance.  They're really good.
 'Chakra' means wheel
 The wheel is a trampoline.
 At intermission, some people ate samosas, some visited and some slept.
 'Do not remove under penalty of law'
 I liked this dance, colourful and fun.

 "You'll never look at your mattress the same way again."
 'Steppin''  was my favourite dance.  It was fast, lively and modern.
 'Say what?'
 Super fun!
 'Thought of You'
 A love story
 The finale was 'Excerpts from Pilgrimage'.  Neil Diamond's Crunchy Granola Suite
 Altogether there were 15 dancers with many productions specialists to aid in carrying off the production.
 Everyone loved it and cheered loudly at the end.
Each person was presented with a flower garland at the end.  So pretty, and fragrant.

We really enjoyed the evening and got home around 10:30.

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