Friday, August 3, 2012

Bannerghatta 2nd & 3rd

I haven't edited all the photos from Bannerghatta National Park from the 2nd time we were there with Elder & Sister ZoBell, but I'm going to post a couple photos from then anyway.

Then I will post a couple from the 3rd trip to Bannerghatta with Elder & Sister Allison.

 Lion...yes it is...
 And a lovely majestic Tiger
 Elder & Sister ZoBell eating ice cream on a really hot day.
 Elder & Sister Wigg. It was a hot day and we do look a little hot & sweaty, don't we?
 We love the safari ride on the bus to see the big cats.
Sister ZoBell and I. The Elephants are trained to raise their trunks on command.  Cool!

Now this next group of photos is from the past weekend when we went with Elder & Sister Allison.

 I think this is a male and female Black Buck.  Their faces and horns are so great.
 Guar and spotted deer
 I don't know what kind of deer this is.  I was told, but can't remember.  It's the senior brain again.
 Guar, or wild water buffalo.  He has strange eyes, I think.
Sloth Bear, walks so slow.
The Lions were really active today, so that was fun.

The White Tiger is huge.
But my favourite is still the Tiger.  He's amazingly beautiful.

Wow, so pretty!

Now we enter the Butterfly Park.

I tried to remember the name of this one, but can't now.
Jerome often goes around offering to take other people's photo for them so that they can both be in the picture.  That is so kind and thoughtful.
I love the white on white here.  So beautiful!
This butterfly is laying eggs.  That's cool.
We're just leaving the Butterfly Park.
We saw so many Momma Monkeys with their cute little nursing babies!
It is so adorable and funny, too.
Elder & Sister Allison are enjoying the Park, and especially the elephant, it seems.
This was a funny sight with the baby elephant and her hat on him.

His skin is more rough than anything, similar to tree bark.  And his hair is super bristly.

You can tell he's never moisturized a day in his life!
He's saying hello.

How much fun is this?

They had him in pretty good control as he would start to swing his tusks a little and the trainer would say something and that would be all.

The only thing better would have been to ride on him.  But they don't do that here.  They are all rescued animals at Bannerghatta National Park.
The Gharial Crocodile is a funny looking guy.  His mouth and snout are so long and skinny.  He can only eat small rodents and fish.  But they are fat enough, so they must be getting plenty to eat, even still!
This is a jackal.  It just looks like a dog, or a small coyote.
Yes, we are buying chips!
We bought some 'baked lays' for the drive home.  We have only had chips a couple times on our mission and they sure tasted good today.

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  1. I was just thinking how AWESOME your photos are.....and then I saw your camera. Good one! ; D

    P.S. I have Zobell's on my mom's side of the family. In fact, I have a hard bound family history book for that family name. I wonder if these Zobell's are of the same family. I think they are....from the same area, anyway.