Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Comings & Goings

Last week was transfer week.

It was also a time of Elders & Sisters coming and going.

First I'll show you the photos of those going. 
We have 3 Elders departing for home.

 Elder Patel, the funniest Elder in the mission, is going home.
 Elder Patel's parents came to pick him up.  They will travel some in India before heading back to the States.
 Elder Patel with his Mom & Dad.
 Elder Westwood and Elder Neelapu are going home, having finished their missions as well.
 Elder Wigg posing with 2 of the departing Elders.
 Elder Westwood, Elder Neelapu and Elder Wigg and I ate lunch at Laajaawaab, the Buffet across the street from the Office.
 This is my lunch. There is salad of peas & corn (at 10 o'clock).  There is Pepper and Tomato Paneer (cottage cheese) (at 12 o'clock). There are also 3 kinds of curry (in the middle) with some ghee rice, tomatoes and cucumbers. At the top left there is some rice curd and we also had butter naan to go along with.  Such a great lunch!  It was tasty & hot and the company was good, too.
 I think it's one of the best buffet restaurants around.
Elder Westwood treated us to lunch.  It was so nice of him and so good.

Next we have 3 missionaries going on their missions.  
Today was their set-apart day.

 Here is Karthik with his family.
 Karthik's father, aunt, Elder Karthik, his Mom and brother, Rohith.
 So many of the old 3rd branch members came to see them off.
 Elder Karthik.  
(If you've been following my blog, you'll probably recognize Karthik as one of our drivers.  He took us on our Ooty trip)
 President Anthony with Elder Karthik.
 Elder Karthik is from our branch.
 He looks like a missionary now in his suit!
 Elder Westwood and Elder Karthik are both leaving, but one is finished his mission and one is just starting.
 Here is Elder Alosias (2nd from the left) and Sister Prasad (5th from the left) who are going on their missions today.  Their friends and family are here to cheer them on!
 They have so much loving support!
 This is Sister Prasad (on the right) with her sister.
 Sister Prasad is from Bangalore and was in Elder Wigg's missionary preparation classes.  Elder Alosias is from Coimbatore but we have met him a few times before.
 Sister Prasad with her brothers and her sister.

President Funk has set apart these 3 and they are ready to go on their missions. They go to the airport and fly out later in the evening.

And, lastly, we have 7 new Elders who have just arrived into our mission.

6 Elders are from USA and 1 local Elder from Hyderabad all coming to serve in the India Bangalore Mission.

 This is a great group of Elders!
From the left: Elder Hyer, Elder Erupula, Elder Aydelott, Elder Cunha, Elder Head, Elder Justesen, Elder Yardley.
 The Assistants have joined the group, Elder Vinck on the left and Elder Sharma on the right.

Elder Erupula is from Hyderabad.

 Elder Yardley

 Elder Hyer

Elder Head

 Elder Cunha 
(we love Elder Cunha as he is 'OCI'! which means Overseas Citizen of India!  I don't have to do any registration documents for him.  I told him that he is the perfect blend of both worlds!)

Elder Aydelott

 Elder Justesen
 I am standing on the stairwell, looking towards the office courtyard below.  I love this shot.
 Again, the Assistants have joined the new Elders.
 Elder Patel, President Funk, Elder Westwood, Elder Neelapu, heading to the mission home for their farewell dinner.
 Elder Patel with President Vinck! (er...actually, it's Elder Vinck!)
Sister Wigg with Sister Prasad

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