Friday, August 10, 2012

Karthik's Farwell

We were a little late for Karthik's farewell (due to a meeting we were attending) but we managed to get a couple photos.

Elder Wigg is visiting with Portia (on the bike) and Sharath (on left) and Usha.
Karthik comes over to visit as well.
 We brought fudge, which Jerome is passing around, and eating some along with Galvin.
Usha in the front, with Zach standing beside Elder Wigg.
Rohith and Karthik, blood brothers.
Terence standing with Zach driving the bike.

Elder Fitzpatrick, Vijay Raj, Elder Wigg, Terence, Jake, Suresh, Mike (Bhuvanesh) Elder P. Kumar, Hashavardin.
We watched a little basketball shooting.  Here's Hashavardin taking it to the hoop!

And Vijay Raj taking a turn... Terence.
And back to Hashavardin.
Usha had her farewell yesterday, so today, she's supporting Karthik.
Karthik with Deepu, an old friend, and Selvyn
Camy, Esther & Hepsiba.

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