Friday, August 10, 2012

At The Office

Just in case you think that we never work, and are always on vacation... are a few shots from the India Bangalore Mission Office.

Remember Elder Wigg is Finance Secretary for the Mission, as well as Executive Secretary to the Mission President.  He keeps pretty busy.
 Even on work days, people have to eat.  This is lunch at Empire Buffet.  We have President William, President Anton from Sri Lanka, President Mudumala and Sunil.
 At the far table we have Elder Wigg and Elder Sharma.  The near table has Elder Barlow and Elder Vinck.  The food is so Indian at Empire, so good and so hot & spicy!
 It is always fun when Elders are in town for Zone Leaders Council or transfers.
L to R: Elder Barlow (the refugee who couldn't leave the country as he was missing his original registration papers!), Elder Vinck, Elder Badireddy, Elder Coombs, Elder Racharla, Elder Ram, Elder Sharma

 Elder Wigg, Elder Mattes, Elder Braun, Elder Barlow, all wonderful young men!
Elder Barlow said that he always takes pictures of his companions, and since he was stuck with us (I said that) for 2 days waiting to get his correct documents to leave the country, he thought we should have a picture.  It's a great idea!
Of course, we kept him somewhat busy with a few things around the office, so he was useful.

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