Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chennai, we're here!

Chennai used to be called Madras.

 The New Church in Chennai is great.
 Nice flowers around the building.

 Vetri has the most amazing eyes I've ever seen.  The Indian people all have black eyes but his are green with a ring of brown around the outside.  They are so cool.  I wonder how the genes came out that way?
 Elder Prabhakar & Elder Dass enjoying my cookies.
 Sometimes they wear a bandana around their face, to help fight pollution, I think.
 Elder Bown, Elder Mills & Elder Erupula
 Hanging out in the Church parking lot, visiting.
 Joe is on the phone making arrangements for a car.
 Elder Wigg and Joe having a good visit.
 Joe, our friend, the former Elder Chelladurai, will be taking us around to look for an apartment to rent. He is a good friend who helped us in the office many times while he was on his mission.
 Chennai Church from across the street.  It's so pretty.
 A nice quiet Chennai street.
 The Checker Hotel where Elder Wigg stayed last time he was in Chennai.
 This is where we had lunch with Joe.
 We had 'Meals'.  It is veg and very good, not too hot.
 Joe and Elder Wigg are good friends.
 Walking back to the Church. There is so much traffic in Chennai, at least as bad as Bangalore.
 Elder D. Kumar & Elder Kashyap
 Joe, his brother Isaac and Isaac's wife Richela.  Isaac brought us the car for Joe to drive.
 While looking for an apartment, we ask someone if they know of any.
 Then he took us over to the dry cleaners and they talked a bit.
 Then she walked us over to the apartment building to have a look at 1 place for rent.
 While I was waiting in the car a family of monkeys came along very close to the car.
 I rolled up the windows quickly as I didn't want any visitors inside the car.
 These people are waiting at the bus stop.  There are so many people everywhere.
 This is the sign to "Elliot's Beach".
 The city is beautiful with many large trees lining the avenues.
 Most places are so green. You can tell they get lots of rain here.
 The Beach
 It is fun to see the beach.  It's huge!

 This is a rugby game in progress.
 Yes, my feet are walking in the sand.
 There is the water.  They say so many people come to the beach in the evening as it's nice and cool.  They eat, visit and just hang out with their friends.
 I loved to hear the rush of the waves on the sand.
Here is Joe with Elder Wigg with the Bay of Bengal in the background.
 We are in Chennai!
This is me sticking my feet into the Bay of Bengal!  I love it.
 This is just such fun!
 This is a little restaurant area.
 We bought water from the beach vendor.
Here is a frisbee game going on.
 The sun is setting on our first day in Chennai.  Time goes so fast.

 This is "St. Thomas" church under cleaning and renovation.
 There are many Christians in Chennai, as well as other parts of India.
 This is "St. Thomas" Church as Chennai is where he is supposed to have died.
 This is the Lighthouse at Marina Beach.
 This photo is far away, but you can see the ships in the harbour on the far left.  You can also see the horseback riding a little off center.  It looks like a fun beach.
We were losing our light fast, but I managed to catch a little colour in the night sky.  That's the lighthouse on the far right.

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