Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shankar's Birthday

As is the normal tradition, we had lunch together upstairs, supplied by the person having the birthday.  It's a little like giving other people a gift on your birthday!

 Chicken Biryani is the local favorite which comes with chicken & boiled eggs, extra masala in the middle yellow bowl and raita (buttermilk with onion & tomatoes) in the yellow bowl to the far right.
 President William, my boss, the Indian Society manager, joins us.
 Shankar, the birthday boy!
 This is Prem, Shankar and Sundar.  
 Shankar and Sundar are twins, each with the shaved head!
 Satish & Prem
 President Mudumala on the far right.  We are also joined by Sam and Jonas, good friends of ours.
 President William digs in, watched by Rebecca, the Service Center secretary.
 And Sunil also comes for lunch.
The ladies, Rebecca and Judy watch on, waiting patiently to begin lunch.  It was a fun day.

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