Monday, September 3, 2012

For Asha's Birthday

We went to Jonas and Asha's house for lunch.

It was Asha's birthday so they had been celebrating for a couple days.  
But today she wasn't feeling well so Jonas and Asha's Mother had cooked lunch.

Jonas is a good cook.

Yes, it's the norm now to be eating with your hand.  And it's very comfortable to do so.  Who would have ever thought?
We had Chicken Biryani and Fried Chicken, which Jonas made.  We also had 2 vegetable dishes and Raita.  It was good.

We had 'Thums up' to drink.  It's a cola similar to Pepsi.

For dessert we had chocolate birthday cake which Asha had from the day before.  It was yummy!

 At first Jonathan wasn't sure about my camera, but he soon warmed up and was smiling for me.

He is such a little cutie!

We had a good visit and just hung out for a while.  Asha got a new dress from Jonas and it's so pretty.  And the soft colors look really nice on her.  Asha, you're beautiful!

Sam, Pradhika & Tia came over for a bit but Tia had a fever and wasn't feeling well.  I didn't get a photo of them.
Okay, at first Jonas doesn't look too pleased to have his picture taken.

But Elder Wigg did his entertainment complete with Bollywood dancing and made everyone smile!

 Happy Birthday, Asha!
After our visit, Elder Wigg and I went shopping for a few groceries and then we met Jonas and Asha at the Cineplex Theatre at Total Mall.

We watched a Telugu Movie called "Julayi" (said july). It was really good.  The actor was "Allu Arjun". We only understood a few words that were in English but we could still figure out the plot.  The music and dance segments which were inserted into the storyline were great.  We really enjoyed it!

Asha, Jonas & Jonathan, a wonderful family and good friends.

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