Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bangalore Couples Activity

We had a great time at the Bangalore District Couples Activity.

Halfway through the day, we had lunch!

The food was great!
Chicken Kababs are so good.              Salad here is Raita.
Beans and Carrots/Corn with pomegranate, but dressed up for company.
This is a rice and vegetable dish.
So many hungry people.
Brother & Sister Samson posing for me.

The point of this game is to get the ping pong ball into each cup as fast as possible.  We had the shortest time on our second try in a playoff for second place.  Out of two tries, I only missed 1 ball.  It was fun.
Malini & Sudhakar
President Ramakrishna & his wife
Brother Edwin & Sister Danita
President & Sister Anthony, Jonas & Asha, President & Sister Arumugam, Brother & Sister Sunderraj.
This game was kind of "The Newlywed Game" but entitled "Perfect Match".  The husband goes out of the room and the wife is asked 8 questions.  He then comes back and must match as many answers as possible.  
We got the answers of 4 of 8 questions matched.  Not bad for the oldie goldies but not enough to win.

President Mudumala's class was on Marriage, "Cleave unto your Wife".
President and Sister Funk's class was on the topic of "Making and Keeping Covenants".
What an enthusiastic group!
This is our group of couples.  They are all super people.

In this game, you have to suck onto the 'gem' or smartie with the straw and move it into the cup.  The couple who get the most in a minute win. The trick is to keep on sucking on the straw all the time.
We had to have a playoff as we were tied with another couple.
This game is supposed to be working together for a common goal.  You blow up the balloon and tie yourselves together.  Then you bounce the balloon on your head (no hands) or blow it and move the length of the tent.  The time is recorded and the winner is the fastest couple.

We weren't very successful at this game, but it was fun.
This couple, the Williams', was successful with blowing!
This couple, Kamal & Annapurna, were doing very well with a combination.
Samson's playing one last game.  They must walk the length of the tent with the balloon between the knees and then sit on it and break it.  It wasn't easy.
Jonas & Asha
Getting ready to take the group shot.
This is the whole group who attended the Couples Conference.  What a wonderful bunch.
Brother David & his wife
Brother & Sister Stanley
Brother & Sister Stanley & children
Brother Kamal & family
 Brother & Sister Samson & their girls.
Brother & Sister Sundaraj and family
Brother & Sister Nixon & family
Sister Asha & her family
Brother & Sister Michael
 President & Sister Michael & family
Brother Abel & his family
 President & Sister Prince
President Ramakrishna & his family
 Elder & Sister Wigg enjoying the day.
Brother Stanley's little daughter.

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