Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So Long Sister Serah

Serah Doraiswamy is going to serve her mission on Temple Square, SLC.
 Jerry Louis speaks for a few minutes.
 Serah's family and friends are here to wish her a fond farewell.
 She gets to speak for a few minutes and share her thoughts.
 Her friends gather around to help her cut and eat some cake.

 As tradition goes, she feeds her mom...
 ...and her dad.
And they feed her.
 Her friends got a little carried away with the cake.  That's alright.  She's a good sport about it.
 Ashish came from Delhi to say goodbye to Sister Serah.
 Serah is enjoying the slide show of her childhood pictures with her family.
 Dinner is being set up. By 8:30, everyone is hungry and eagerly waiting in line.
 Elder Cunha & Elder Christensen peek out from the back of the line.
 Elder Wigg & Elder Watts visit while waiting in line.  Elder Watts is from Brisbane, Australia.
 Supper is Indianized Chinese Food.  It was very good.
 Ashish, Serah, Elder Newbill, Elder Braun
 Serah's mother poses for a picture with her daughter.

 These guys are so great!  Elder Sodadasi, Elder Wigg, Elder Cunha, a friend, Elder Christensen, 
(and in front) Elder Watts, Elder Newbill, Elder Smith and Elder Braun
 Elder Sodadasi & Elder Wigg
 Pradhika, Sam & Tia are such a cute family! I love Sam's California beach bum look!
 President David and his family pose with Serah.
Elder S. Kumar, Elder Katuka, Elder Watts

The next day is the setting apart in the Mission Office.

 Many friends and family came to say farewell to Sister Serah.  She left for the airport later that night.
 Sister Serah is seen here with her parents.
 Sister Serah is now a set-apart missionary here with President & Sister Funk.

 Past, present and future missionaries!  This is a cool shot.
 Ashish & Sister Serah
I occasionally like to get my picture taken with those that I do lots of work for, just to remember the sweet and rewarding service that I do for that person.

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