Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dinner Dates are Fun!

You know I love to eat out.  Well, here are a few different dinner dates of late.

 Ya!  Hard Rock Cafe! Bengaluru!

 I loved the potato skins, especially smothered in sour cream which you barely ever get in India.

 My Haystack Chicken Salad was fabulous.  I love salad and I miss it as it's not easy to find stuff to make good salads here.
 Elder ZoBell had a steak.  It looks just like home.
 Elder Wigg had Chicken Fajitas, but he said he didn't enjoy them so much.
 Elder & Sister ZoBell enjoying their dinner, as well.
Yes, here we are, enjoying the night out!

After Couples Specialized Training we went out to dinner, a few of us, to BBQ World.
It was fun.  Some of the food was super hot, but still delicious.
 Elder & Sister Hatch
 Elder & Sister Tiefenbach
 Elder & Sister Allison
 yup, this is us!
 A variety of tasty sauces.
 Our table had a square hole into which they placed this grill of hot coals for the 1st course.
 Starters: veggies, potatoes, shrimp, chicken & fish, served hot at your table!
 Main dish buffet
 Salad Buffet
 Dessert Buffet
My dessert consisted of mini cheesecake, water mellon, ice cream & gulab jamun.

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