Sunday, October 28, 2012

Signs of the Day

One afternoon when the rest of the country was on holiday and we ran out of work in the office, we hired our auto driver to take us around to a couple sites in the city.

We visited the Ecumenical Christian Center where Young Women's camp had been earlier in the year.

 I emphatically agree!

 In May and June these trees are all in full bloom, covered in red flowers.  Now the hedges are turning into the colors of fall.
 This photo shows the map of India and area in hedges!

 This is aloe vera plants growing in the wild.

 It looks like this is the dead wood spoken of previously!

This is the Office Senior Missionary Couple.  And, no, we didn't talk about coordinating our wardrobe today, it just happened. It is funny how that works out some days.

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