Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sightseeing in Chennai

We had a fun day in Chennai

 This is the front desk of the Marriott Courtyard Hotel.  Very nice!
 Here is a small seating or waiting area. 
It was a wonderful blend of South East Asia and Western.

 We shopped at the Big Bazaar for the kitchen stuff for the Sister's apartment.
 Joe was very helpful.
 This is the security gate on the Sister's apartment.  It's a very nice place.
 This is Elder Lara, Elder Dass and Elder Kant. I had baked some cookies and brownies for the Elders and they were so happy to get them.  And they actually shared with the other Elders. 
 Joe took us around to a few places in Chennai, just for a couple hours of sightseeing after shopping.

 St. Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Church, Little Mount, Chennai

 St. Thomas is believed to have knelt in prayer here.

 There were some very interesting statues and memorials.

 This is the Bloody Cross, but I don't really know the whole story.

 Here St Thomas was rumoured to have smote the rock and water came forth.
 These policemen were stationed all along the roadside as the "Chief Minister" of the state of Tamil Nadu lives down this street and she was expected to return home shortly.  Amazing show of force.
 Elder Wigg and our friend, Joe.

 This is the lookout tower that we climbed to take some pictures.
 What a great view.  You could see for miles.

 We climbed up to the top of the lookout.
 Mahabalipuram Lighthouse south of Chennai. (said like 3 words: Maha bali puram)
 Look into the distance and you can see the Bay of Bengal.  Gorgeous!
 Our driver, Gowda, our friend Joe, and Elder Wigg (though not a flattering camera angle)
 It was very windy up on top, but it felt lovely and cooling!

 Such a pretty display of sodas.
 Amazing handicrafts and artwork.
 I particularly love the elephants.
 There is a small elephant carved inside, as well.
 These cute little elephants are made out of Granite.
 The trunk up means 'good luck'.
 Lovely artwork to see and enjoy.
 Stone carvings
 This little goat was walking on the fence cement support foundation.
 These 3 fellows thought for sure that they would have a sale, but no such luck.
 This lady complained that you never buy, you just take pictures!
 This is 'Krishna's Butter Ball' just balancing on the edge of the rock hillside.

 There were many interesting items to purchase on the roadside carts.
It was an amazing sunset coming out of Chennai, heading home to Bangalore.
 I switched to my big lens and below are the results.  Just enjoy.

Which is your favourite?


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