Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BLR Ladies get Healthy

The Bangalore District Relief Society had a great activity last week.

The theme was "Health" and we learned so much about how to be healthy.
 There were not too many sisters in attendance to begin but more came as the time passed.
 After an introduction, song & prayer, we had a scripture and short talk on the theme of the day.  Then Hema, an aerobics instructor, began to teach us some good ways to exercise.
 This is her team of ladies that take regular classes from Hema at the health club where she teaches.
 We began with some Yoga, particularly Sun Salutation.
 It was fun to do and great to learn a different spin on it.  There were a couple extra moves that I had never seen before though I have done 'sun salutation' a lot.
 Some ladies have done yoga before but many had not.
 This is downward facing dog.
 Balance isn't easy.  But it can be learned and improved the more you do yoga.
 I was also working out but stopped occasionally to take a pic.  
A couple ladies said that I did well and if I could do it, then they were going to try as well.
 Hema, the guest instructor, Portia, my friend, and the District RS President.
 This is Karthik's Aunt and Mother with Sister Mudumala.
 There were a few children in attendance, as well. This is a cute outfit.
 We then played a game.  
There were 4 teams who were given a bag of balloons and told to build a tower.
 This team did very well.  
 This team had a good idea, but lacked the standing base on which to build.
 The winners were chosen.  They had a free standing tower of balloons, 3 on each base.
 It was fun to see the enthusiasm.
 The next game was fun to see.  
There were 3 words chosen and 3 different hand signs that went with them.
 3 fingers up meant, lets say, biscuit.
 A clap of the hands went with another word, like orange.
 This was the sign for juice.
 Then the leader of the game would say one of the 3 and one of the symbols, not matching.
 You had to do the symbol for what she said, not what she did.  If you miss it and showed the wrong symbol, you were out of the game.  It was fun.  The sisters enjoyed it so much.
 Lunch was potluck and there was so much great food.  I made plain white rice and Curd Rice.  It was fun to try a new recipe and it turned out really good.
 You can't get much more nutritious than a salad in a cup with bean sprouts and lime! It was also delicious!  (I had 2)
 Fruit cups are super healthy.
 We had a great lunch together.

Then after lunch, a doctor came to speak to us about the concerns of women and mothers regarding their families and themselves.  It was very informative and interesting.

I was supposed to speak for 35 minutes on Nutrition, but since the time was short towards the end, I spoke for only 15 minutes.  It was great to share a few of my favourite ideas about health and nutrition.
 Bangalore District RS ladies join together for a group photo.  Aren't they beautiful! Check out my facebook page to see many of their names.  I don't think I can put them all here.
Sister Judy offered to take this photo so I could join in. Thanks, Judy!
We really had a great day and learned so much.  But the best part was being with the wonderful Sisters of Bangalore District for the day.

Stay well and happy, striving to be more healthy every day!

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