Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pizza Hut & nothin' but

You may not know this, but we love Pizza Hut.

 Each day they have a half-price pasta special and it's so good!
 Of course, no matter where we go, Elder Wigg is always getting phone calls from the Elders...or someone else who needs him for something.  That's okay, we don't mind.
 They never really bring your food together.  
I have finished my pasta and Jerome's pizza hasn't yet arrived!
 Okay, since the pizza is here, we can both eat some of it!
 The pizza is super good, especially the crust.  It's so soft and yummy!
To compensate for the late pizza, they gave us a free dessert.  It's banana cocoanut carmel pie.  Amazing!  Yes, so amazing!

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