Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Few Odds & Ends

Here are just a few photos from some of the interesting things we've been doing.

I got my hair cut super short.  I'm getting used to it now, but it's a shock at first when it's that short.I felt like I was seven and my mom had cut my bangs too short!

 Elder Coombs and Elder Barlow came over for dinner after Zone Leader Council.  They had some things to deliver to Elder Wigg, so they stayed and ate Spaghetti, corn and bread with us. 

It was funny to hear Elder Coombs tell the story about how much he loves corn.  I hope he won't mind if I share his story here.  When he was little he made his mom a card, I think it was.  He stated that he loved his mother because she fed him corn.  She loved the card so much that she framed it and keeps it in her office to this day.  Elder Coombs, I love that story and appreciate you sharing with us!

Elder Coombs and Elder Barlow wearing their matching socks!  I love it!

This is Prem & Princy's new baby boy.  He is so adorable but doesn't yet have a name.  
They say that they sometimes take about 3 months to pick a name. 

 I was able to go to lunch with the Ex-Pats to celebrate Cindy's birthday.  
From l to r: Katrina, Sister Wigg, Tracy, Julie, Cindy (the birthday girl), Katrina's Mom.

We ate at California Pizza Kitchen and I had the BBQ chicken salad.  It is so good!
But more than the food, it was fun to visit and enjoy the company of these ladies.  They are great and we had a nice time.  I actually felt like one of the ladies instead of half of a missionary couple.

 This is Shilpa and her new little daughter, Giselle Olivia.
 I loved the opportunity to visit and hold the baby.  She is a sweetie!

Uday & Shilpa with their little bundle of joy!

I baked a cake for our friend, Brother Uday, who served his mission here the last couple years.
Happy 28th Bday, Uday!
 Uday got a piece of cake fed to him.
The Service Center staff also enjoyed a piece of cake and Uday was lucky to get the small piece which he did!  Good luck in the future year, brother.

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