Sunday, October 28, 2012

Unity, working together

Indiranagar Branch had a missionary fireside one Friday night with the theme of "Unity".

At first, the Elders gave a talk about unity and the importance of being unified in our goals as a Branch and as missionaries.
Then we played some games that taught this concept and watched a Pioneer Movie called "17 Miracles".  It was a really fun evening!

 Elder Henrie, Elder P. Kumar, Elder Wigg, Buvanesh (Mike). 
Elder Wigg loves that 'ham-hock' hand shake every day, if possible.
 While waiting for some time...some of the guys played basketball in the courtyard.
 This is Vijay Raj, George, Vivian & Selvyn
 Mike makes a move to the hoop!
 Mike has some nice air...too bad I wasn't a little further back on this shot.
 Neel is finished at the Service Centre and is moving to Hyderabad.  He came to say goodbye.
 Setting up for a game.
 The way this game works...there are 2 teams of 4.  Each towel has a person holding the corner.
 By working together the team tosses the basketball to the other towel team.
 The other team catches it in their towel and tosses it back.
 It really takes some adjusting and pulling together to make this game work.
 It was really fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.

 A little more basketball...Elder Vinck palming the ball!

 And Elder Vinck dunking at my request, or should I say that I actually pleaded!
 Elder Sharma and Elder Vinck are a great team.  They work well together.

 It's the 3 legged race.  This game requires the teammates to really coordinate their efforts and work together.
 get ready...get set...go!

 I think George and Mike are the clear winners.
 This is the 2nd heat of the 3 legged race to determine one more winner.
 Everyone had fun, though not everyone worked well together all the time.
 Elder Vinck at 6'3" has played a little ball in his day, back in Melbourne.

We watched a movie about the pioneers who crossed the plains.  It was called "17 Miracles".
This is the desktop on the Assistant's laptop that they showed the movie on.  
This is my photo that I took of the Hamilton New Zealand Temple when we were there a few years ago.  It's kinda cool to see it here.

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