Saturday, October 20, 2012

Caring for the Refugees

We had some Elders visiting this week, trying to get caught up on their volunteer work.

Here we have 3 Elders that we are affectionately calling 'the Refugees'!
 Elder Barlow, Elder Fitzpatrick & Elder Hollings
 Yup, it's us.  We are eating dinner at "The Hard Rock Cafe".  
We are keeping the refugees busy and feeding them at the same time.  It was fun.
 The California Burger was fabulous!  Mmmm so good.
 And the hot fudge brownie sunday was to die for!
We rode the metro both ways.  This is just the escalator leading up to the metro.
After 2 full days of preparing paperwork, there's still more to do.  These Elders now need to stay over the weekend so we are out tonight at "California Pizza Kitchen" one of my favourite North American Restaurants. 

It's been a trial for these Elders who just want to be doing their work, and they are trying so hard to be diligent.  But we have enjoyed having them around.  They were over to our apartment one evening and met a couple of our children on skype.  That was fun.

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