Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sisters, Sisters!

Sisters, Sisters, there were never more devoted Sisters! or Brothers!

Our 4 wonderful sisters have arrived, making History in the India Bangalore Mission!

We have; Sister Bathula, Sister Gupta, Sister Jebamani & Sister Madabathula.

 In the office that day we had many Elders trying to finish their local registration to comply with the law and make themselves legal.
Elder Emrich, Elder Kullai, Elder Yelisetti, Elder Mattes, Elder Morrill, Elder Henrie, Elder Worton.

We went to dinner at the Indian BBQ, the backside of Dominos Pizza.  Good North Indian food is served here.
 Elder Sarkies is also new today and companioned up with Elder Ganaparam, one of the best, most obedient missionaries in the mission.
 Elder Nepali has just arrived in the mission field and will be trained by our 'one and only' Elder Sharma!
 Sister Jebamani & Sister Madabathula
 Sister Gupta is going to be serving with Sister Bathula.
 Elder & Sister Wigg are eternal companions!  Yeah!
 Elder Srigiri pictured here with Elder Erupula.
These 2 are the newest Assistants to the President, Elder Vinck, now Assistant A and Elder Srigiri who is Assistant B!

 Sister Bathula & Sister Madabathula
 Sister Jebamani & Sister Gupta
 Sister Anita came over to learn how to make brownies.  We had a great time.
 Anita is rolling out the chapathis.
 We all enjoyed the evening together baking.  Elder Wigg was at Priesthood session of Conference.
 These are the dishes we ate: Dahl Tadka, Mixed Vegetable Curry and Chapathis.  All so good and tasty!  We also had Zeera Rice as a second course, also goes well with the other dishes, I thought.
We all had a great time and learned a lot.  We also made cheesecake after dinner.

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  1. Hello!!!! I am so happy to come across this blogspot! I have been searching for sister sunitha bathula on facebook for hours and came up with several results that are not her so I tried googling and I came across this image in google

    this led me to your blogspot. I am Shery de la Cruz Palis (former Sister de la Cruz of Quezon City North mission) where sister bathula served first. I was her trainer. I and many other sisters have been wanting to get in touch with her but we don't know how as she never left us an address or email address to contact her. I used to contact her with her but it got expired already cutting all communication with her before I got the chance to ask for her home address. please if you could help us contact her....even just an email ad will do. I really miss her and she's a very special part of my life. please help me find a way to contact sister bathula. thank you so much!!!