Sunday, July 22, 2012

10 for YSA Family Home Evening!

Saturday evening we had 10 Young Single Adults at our place for Family Home Evening.

 Kannagi, my cleaning lady, made dahl, in the far bowl, and rotis, the flat bread in the near bowl.  I made the Chicken Biryani in the big pot.  It was my first attempt and it was good.  I used too much rice, I think, which I will change next time I make it.  
 The meal was a success.  Everyone ate and talked and enjoyed themselves.

 Mike, Terence, Ashish and Serah
 Elder Wigg taught the lesson on stories from the Book of Mormon. 
Right now he's on his 'Rameumptom'.
 He is a good teacher.
 He can be serious when needed...
 ...funny at times...(I don't know how he can still wear those sheepskin slippers in India? It's way too hot, in my opinion.)
 ...quite entertaining and animated at times. (Now I'm up on the Rameumptom!)
 This is Jasmin and Camy.
We had white chocolate cheesecake for dessert as well as the standard banana bread and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  I think everyone got their tummies full.
 Rani, Mike, Terence
 Ashish and Serah.  
Serah will be going on her mission to Salt Lake, Temple Square the middle of September.  She is all ready with her US Visa and even her flight has been booked.  Good for you, Serah!
 Ashish served his mission here in the India Bangalore Mission.  
He even served as an Assistant in the office with Elder Pimsakul just before we came on our mission.  He left to go home to Delhi about 2 weeks before we arrived.
 back row: Sister Wigg, Elder Wigg, Mike, Terence
middle row: Jennifer, Jasmin, Serah, Ashish
front row: Camy, George, Gracy, Rani
 This is a great bunch of young adults, and almost young adults (some of the girls are still in Young Womens).
 funny face photo 
(ok, so some of us don't have to make a funny face, we already have a funny face!)
We had a fun family night! 
Next time bring more friends as we had too much Biryani left over.

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