Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2 Planes and a Bus to Hong Kong!

We traveled with Brother & Sister Kumar and their 2 little darling daughters from Bangalore to Hong Kong on Monday, leaving our flat in Bangalore at 9:30 Sunday night and arriving in Hong Kong at 1 pm Monday afternoon, Hong Kong time, of course.

What a trip!  It is exhausting as it's flying right through the night.  Then the Kumar's had their girls to tend, which is tiring.  Plus we had delays in both departure and arrival airports!  We made it to the Temple Patron housing just after 5 pm.  We were all hungry and so tired, but happy to be there!

Here are some traveling pictures.

 Riding the 'people mover' in the airport in Kuala Lumpur.
 The youngest daughter, Meela, just wanted to run.  It was a little chilly in the morning so the girls got their knit hats on.
 What a great family the Kumar's are.
 Go Meela...
 ...then rehydrate...
 Elder Wigg and I just waiting for the time to pass till the next flight.
 These little girls just loved to run when given the chance!  Run hard now and sleep well later!
 Elder Wigg just hanging out at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, our connecting airport.
 This is taken out the window of the bus.
 The bus is very comfortable, double decker type.
 Some of our first views of Hong Kong.
 The weather is perfect and the clouds ad such a nice touch of soft variety in the picture.
 And you know I love lines and angles...and the city has so much of it, all beautiful!
 Here is the reason for this trip...The Hong Kong Temple!!
 An outside view of the Temple Patron Housing, which is really inexpensive to stay in.  That allows members to come and stay near the temple affordably.
 This print is hung in the foyer of the housing where we are staying.
Here is a nice touch inside the Temple Patron Housing.
 Here is the front view of the Temple.  It is gorgeous!
 We walked down to 'Festival Walk' mall to get some food.
 This is a huge mall with 6 levels and probably 500 stores.  The grocery store we shopped at was in the downstairs level.
 ...just reflecting... (the underside of the escalator)
 They have gorgeous flowers in the grocery store called 'Taste'.
 An ice rink at the mall!  Cool!
 This reminded us of the West Edmonton Mall.
The fast Chinese food we ate at the Food Fest wasn't very good.  We live and still learn!

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