Sunday, July 22, 2012

Post Lunch Tradition Continues

You know, consistency is one of the keys to success.

We continue to take our after lunch photo whenever we have people over.

It's the only payment I require for the meal that I've prepared and served!

The meal:
We had cheeseburgers and potato salad with white chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

The cleaning up:
 The Priesthood in Action, right here, right now!
 Men at work!
 I actually said smile...
 Elder Kumar is getting Elder Sharma warmed up for the big event!
 They're having some fun, right?
 Elder Sharma likes to be in control.
 I wish I could see how impressed Elder Vinck's family is now.  In my blog statistics, the name Vinck is the highest searched name that brings up my blog.  Pretty interesting!
 Elder Sharma is taking full advantage of the remote control.

The photo:
 This is the best picture.  Everyone is looking good here, I think.
We have, in the back left: Elder Fitzpatrick, from Alaska; Elder P. Kumar, an OCI from Utah; Elder Vinck, an Assistant, also OCI, from Melbourne, Australia; Elder Sharma, an Assistant, from right here in Bangalore!

(Do you remember what OCI stands for?  Overseas Citizen of India.  It means someone who has some Indian ancestry (a parent or grandparent) that was born abroad, someplace other than India.)

I think we have, here in Indiranagar Branch, the overall tallest Elders in the Mission!

 Everyone likes a little fun, horsing around after the good shot.
 Elder Wigg, lookin' sooo good!
 Yes, Elder Wigg is getting the full treatment!
This must be the 'cool-down' after the photo session.

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