Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Cousin Brothers

These guys are all brothers.  Well, they call each other brothers.  They are mostly just cousins.  

So then they say, well, we are cousin brothers.  It's great!

One guy is a friend, but the others are indeed, cousins.

 These guys are posing in order of their baptisms, chronologically.  What an amazing sight to see them together and to feel the Spirit of the work as they join the church and feel the light and peace of the gospel!  What a great missionary Mike has been in his family!

So first we have Mike (Bhuvanesh), on the far left, then Jake (Shanta Kumar), Terence, Hashavardin, Suresh, Vijayraj, Jay Kumar, Sunil Albert, Karthick. 

This is the baptismal day of Sunil Albert, the cousin brother on the far right.  He is being baptized by Jay Kumar on the left with Hashavardin in the middle.

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