Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Peak

We enjoyed a little sight seeing at the Peak, the top of a mountain that overlooks the city of Hong Kong.

 This is where we started, after we got off the MTR (metro) and walked to the bus stop.
 It's a very beautiful city.  It reminds me of New York City, I think.
 Hong Kong is so much glass, steel and concrete!
 Waiting for the bus.
 This is a graveyard that we passed going up the mountain.
 This is the first view of the city buildings.
 This is the Peak showcase building.
 Amazing sights.
 This is the tram that we could have taken up or back down the mountain.
 Here are some different views of us as Brother Kumar is practicing taking the photos. 
(from a low viewpoint)
 (taken from a high viewpoint)
 (taken from eye level, or just about)
 This picture shows just how many tall sky scrapers there are in Hong Kong.
 Elder Wigg and I in the full sun.  It was a warm and humid day, as is normally the case in the summer.
 Some of the gorgeous views from the top of the world...er...the Peak.

 Meela with her furrowed brow, eating biscuits.
 A Chinese family also enjoying photos at the mountain top park.
 Brother and Sister Kumar with their little darlings, Rexi and Meela.
 We discovered it's actually called Victoria Peak.
 This is just leaving 'the Peak' or 'Victoria Peak'.
 What a great view!

 Everyplace we go, the fun continues when we are out with the Kumar's. Rexi is so cute here, laughing.

 This is an interesting building.
 These buildings were the tallest, skinniest that I have ever seen.
 Can you get some perspective from where we are?
 The city buildings on the bus ride back down from the mountain.  
This is a horse race track on the near right.
 The Kumar family singing 'ABC's.  So funny!
 The sun is reflecting brightly off one of the sky scrapers.
 Taxis - I want to ride in one.
And back into the city core.

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