Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Symphony of Lights

We loved Hong Kong Harbour at sunset!  
We also enjoyed seeing the Symphony of Lights where music and lights danced together.

 The setting sun makes everything appear golden.
 This is pier 5 where we catch the Star Ferry to take us to Kowloon on the other side of the Harbour.  

We all purchased 'octopus' cards which we loaded with Hong Kong dollars (about 150 each) and it was such a handy bus pass allowing us quick access to the bus, metro and ferry. We could have bought fast food with it at some locations as well.  I think it's called an 'octopus' card because the sign of the metro is that shape, showing the interconnectivity of the metro lines.  
A Canadian dollar is worth about 7.5 Hong Kong dollars.

 The ferry man
 A beautiful sunset
A beautiful skyscraper, reflects the fading light. 
 These shots are taken from the ferry.
 Okay, so I am a little off here...

 It's fun to see things from the water.  I love this picture.

 The other Star Ferry is going across the other way.  It is just the cost of a bus fare to ride the ferry.

Here is my happy ferry worker again, doing his job, throwing the rope to the man on the dock. 
We are coming alongside the pier to dock. 
 These are photos on a quad screen at a local travel agent.

 This is my favourite shot, I think.  I love the reflected colours.
 The buildings danced with light in time to the music during the Symphony of Lights.  It was fun to see.

 This is the Clock Tower. a local landmark. So pretty.
 I love the full moon and the Hong Kong skyline.  Magnificent!
 I have some of the light and laser show on video but I don't think I can post on here.

Meela loves to eat biscuits.  

That's just a plain cookie or cracker.  It keeps them happy when they are hungry especially when we are past mealtime.  

Rexi is such a sweetheart. 

Rexi also likes to eat biscuits.

Meela, showing her biggest biscuit smile.
Walking back to catch the MTR (metro) after a long, fun day.

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