Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nan Lian

On our last day in Hong Kong, after attending the Temple, we went to Nan Lian Garden.

What a beautiful park!

Elder Wigg at the entrance.  He has to pose for me a lot when we are out together.
The trees and flowers are beautiful.

This is a little lake in the middle of the park.  For some reason there was a mist spray there.
This is the central building in the little lake but it wasn't accessible to the public.
It is so pretty.  We learned from our trip to mainland China in 2007 that there are 4 necessary elements to a park in China.  That is plants, rocks, water & buildings.  This park has all those requirements.
I think this is the name of the orange bridge.
More buildings, basically to shelter the walkway.
I love the pillars here.
Here we have all the necessary park elements!
So gorgeous!
beautiful waterfall (don't go chasing waterfalls...!)
Jerome does so much walking these days.  He's looking so good!

We always try to snag someone to take our picture for us.  My hair was pretty short here, and Jerome's, too.

Security guard. 
At one point I sat down on a step to rest and wait for some birds to come along.  The guards said no, you can't sit.  I thought that was crazy.  They said it was just one little rule, no sitting anyplace except 2 designated areas.
These small trees are planted in planter boxes and so nicely arranged.

the Rockery

Read about the rocks in the next few photos.  It's so interesting.

Beautiful!  And they even manicure the pebble sand around the display of rocks.

Spotted Dove

Connected by a walkway across the road is Chi Lin Nunnery.  It also has beautiful gardens.
Lotus & Lily pond
Elder Wigg once again.
This is a cute little bird, but don't know what kind yet.

This was just some random lady posing and I snapped a shot of her.
The Lotus is India's national flower, but wait, we're in Hong Kong.

I love the Lotus!

I need to do some research and find out what kind of bird this is, as well.

This lady gardener is weeding.  It was interesting to watch her work.  She was so fast.  And that can't be easy work on your knees all the time.
It did rain on us a little, so we used our umbrellas.

This is a Sparrow.  
But it is different than our House Sparrow, so don't know exactly what kind it is.

This is a fairly common bird in India, Red-whiskered Bulbul.
Wow, beautiful.  I know I keep saying that!
I have my long lens on for these last few shots so they look like a different perspective, I think.

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