Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At the Playground

While Elder Wigg was at the Temple with Brother and Sister Kumar I took care of the little girls at the playground.

 The first slide was super slippery, too fast!
 As sisters, they play very well together.
 Milsha loved the swing.
 Rexzina was Milsha's helper.
 There was a dance or exercise class happening at the park.
 The small slide was much better for both girls.
 They had so much fun!

 We ran around a little, too. Rexi is a beauty just like her mother.
 What a doll this little 2 year old is. She looks just like her daddy.
 She was a little reluctant to ride the little motorbike.
 We played peek.
 Then Rexi did Meela's hair.
 It was so cute.  What a happy face!
 Snack time.
 The gardener was trimming the elephant.
 The big kid's swing this time.
 But there was no one to push her if I'm taking pictures!

It was fun to watch the local worker hard at work.

We had a great time at the playground just across the street from the Temple. The girls didn't even miss their parents, I don't think, so that is the main goal, right?  Keep the children happy!  Ya!

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