Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lunch with Whitehead's

We met our old friends, Elder Larry Whitehead and Sister Jolayne Whitehead at the Asia Area Offices for lunch and some sight seeing.

Elder & Sister Whitehead are serving a mission in Hong Kong.  Elder Whitehead is the Asia Area Auditor.  

It was fun to meet other couples serving in the Asia Area also.  We met President Gong, as well.  That was very nice.  We also met Elder Rippey and Brother David Berrett, the legal counsel for the Church over the Asia Area.

The Chinese art was beautiful in the Asia Area Offices.  
This is a jade junk. I think I'd still call it a boat. 

I enlarged this photo so you could see the fine detail in these figurines.  They are beautiful.
It is so fun to see the Whiteheads and spend some time together.
Elder Whitehead with Sister Whitehead, Sister Wigg & Elder Wigg
The Chinese artwork is fabulous.
A live Orchid is a nice touch in the office.
There are so many giant skyscrapers in Hong Kong.  And today, even the clouds behaved well.

We had a burger and fries here at this restaurant.  It wasn't cheap but it was delicious!  I forgot to take a picture of the meal.  I would like to see that burger again, too.
It's a lovely day to take a walk through the streets of Hong Kong.  We rode the Star Ferry across the Harbour.
Elder & Sister Whitehead on the ferry.
Hong Kong during the daytime is fabulous!

We took a taxi out to visit the little tourist community of 'Stanley'.  
Yes, I got to ride in a taxi, twice!
The Stanley Market
Interesting roots on this large tree.
There are so many nice cars in Hong Kong, like this Ferrari.  Interestingly, there are no bikes (motorcycles) unlike India!
A pretty little square, or traffic circle.

Of course, anyplace near the water is nice, when the sun is shining especially.

What a gorgeous area.
It is so beautiful along here, just to walk and talk and enjoy our outing and the company of the Whiteheads.
This bride and groom consented to let me take their photo.  So pretty!
I love the lines in this building.
These fishermen are wearing the local 'sedge hat' or 'coolie' hat.
2 cute kids with their daddy, enjoying the day, as well.
Nice view of the little community of 'Stanley'.
We walked the paths and enjoyed the sun and sights.
It's beautiful at the ocean.

Elder Wigg and Elder Whitehead had a great visit.
This is an interesting looking shop for souvies.
I love the lines in this handbag shop.  It looks like every style and color you could want.
The Indians aren't the only ones with beautiful Pashmina scarves.  These are also lovely.
The name of the Church in English and Chinese.  Had you already guessed that?

A statue of Christ in the entrance way of the Asia Area Offices.
This is one of the double decker busses that we rode around town.  They are very comfortable and it's convenient to get places using our 'octopus' card.
This is a lady waiting at the bus stop.
Hong Kong streets, just cars, trucks and busses.

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