Monday, July 30, 2012

Out for a walk in Bangalore

We love Bangalore and we wanted to go out for a walk one day, for no reason.

These are some things we saw out walking for 2 hours.

 This park is over on Double Road right here in Indiranagar.
 It's beautiful to walk here, but we like Defence Colony Park better for running.
 You can see how big the trees are compared to Elder Wigg.
 I love symmetry.
 This is Double Road.
 This area is New Tippisandra, a market area on the other side of Defence Colony.
 A toy store, as you can see.

 How fun to have flags up and flying!
 Here is a small fresh fruit market, with their wares nicely displayed.

 And the flower vender with lovely wedding garlands for sale. The white jasmine in the center of the picture costs about 15 rupees (or sometimes 10) for the length from your fingers to your elbow.
 Local dry goods sales
 We turned up this street, away from the market area into some residential area and after about half an hour, we were lost.  We ended up having to ask directions back to 80 Feet Road.  Finally we wound our way back to an area we were familiar with.  It was fun.

Yes, this is still in Bangalore!  
Everywhere you look are interesting sights, like the goat herd and goatherder!  It's so funny and unique!

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