Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Tasty Experience!

We had a wonderful time and a delicious lunch at a nice restaurant in the Diamond Hill Mall!

 This is the oriental pattern on the plate. So cool.
 Elder Wigg - hungry
 We each had a coke to go with our meal.  Some people think that coke will kill all the bad bacteria in their food, but I can't see that, can you?

We had dim sum.
 The fried rice was fabulous.  It had veggies and pork and shrimp.  So good.
 The spring rolls were good, too.
 These are dumplings: pork on the left and shrimp on the right.  They were very tasty.
 For dessert we had mango pudding with cream.  It was to die for delicious.
 The paintings and wallpaper were beautiful and made a lovely and calming ambiance in the room.

 This is Jimmy Chan, the proprietor.  He came out and chatted for a bit.  He said he wanted to make sure we were happy with our meal.  We were, indeed, happy.
 This is the entranceway to the restaurant.
 Yup, proof that we were actually there.  That's us!
 This is the restaurant symbol and the name below in Chinese, but I don't know the name in English.
I only know it was great food, located at Diamond Hill Mall, in Hong Kong.
Diamond Hill Mall is located right across the street from Nan Lian Garden.

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