Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Visiting Big Buddha

We had a great time going up the Tram or Cable Car to visit the statue affectionately known as 'Big Buddha'.

The Kumar Family approaching the event with great anticipation.
 We are loving it! Well, Jerome is talking at the moment.  
We enjoyed being able to wear our name tags in Hong Kong, unlike Bangalore streets where there are restrictions for caution and safety sake.

 This is the type of cable car we rode inside.  It seemed very safe and fun.
 The Kumar Family, mostly enjoying the beginning of the ride.
 Usha with her little girls, Rexi and Meela.
 It had been raining earlier so everything was wet, but still we could see plenty of interesting sights.
 The little girls were worried about the trip, especially Rexi, the older sister.
 We loved the experience and the view.  We look like we are enjoying ourselves, don't we?
 At some moments we were floating through the clouds!
 This is the entrance to the park, Ngong Ping 360.
 This building roof is classic Chinese architecture.
 It is a pretty area with people from all over the world.
 This is where we ate lunch.  It was wonderful.  The Kumar family had never tasted a sub before and Rexi didn't like it at all.  She is a bit of a picky eater and would only taste the bun a little.  Usha and Kumar liked the Vegetable Patty Sub alright. Well, they said it was good.
 I love the Chinese influence in the rooftops and the colors.
 There were many small shops for tourists.
 The main statue that we are coming to see, Big Buddha himself.
 Looking down towards the walkway...
 This is the mall walk past the statues.
 There are 12 of these warriors, each one representing a zodiac sign, I believe.
 The area is so beautiful.
 Kumar's posing for the traditional photo.
Climbing the stairs to see Big Buddha.
 Rexi is so pretty!
 Daddy daughter time.
 Rexi, watching the world go by.
 Kumar is posing.
 It was windy up on top, but it felt really wonderful!
 This is the view looking back down.
 The scenery was beautiful and interesting.

 And this tree is very interesting.  I wish I knew the name.
 Elder Wigg is patiently waiting while I take a few more photos.
 China flag
 When we came back down, the Kumar family was nowhere to be seen.  Then they surprised us and shouted 'boo'!  We were startled, and they thought that was so funny.  Well, it was funny!
 This is the name of the Village.
 A school class was getting their picture taken.
 Meela has had enough fun for a while.  She has the best idea, take a nap!
 There were lots of little waterfalls along the path of the tram.
We are suspended above the water.  Fun!

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