Monday, December 31, 2012

10k at 10pm

We heard that one of our friends was running in a 10 k at 10 pm after the Whitefield Road Christmas Party, so I asked if we could come along to watch.

I know, it's crazy to do it, but it was such fun!

There was a marathon at midnight and a 10k run at 10pm.

 Brother Christensen before the race.
 There was a band with live music...well...mostly drums, as always.
 They are so colorful and loud!
 Wow...Good for you Bangalore!
 The signs set the mood and show the surroundings.

 The front-runners burst out strong.
 There's Brother Christensen.

 Finishing the first 5k lap
 Starting the 2nd 5k lap
 We were in short sleeves and it felt cold this evening.  But it was so fun!
 The Christensen family was waiting patiently, though tired and chilly.
 Here he comes!  Finishing his 10k!  Good on ya!
 I love this shot of the '5' for the family!
 And there he goes...
 I had a fun time taking pictures of him.
And he goes right on by to the finish line!  Good job!

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  1. Brother and Sister Wigg,
    We enjoy your blog so much. Elder Randall is our son. He never made brownies for us at home. :) We're impressed. This is a great way to communicate your pictures and experiences. We love it. God bless you for your missionary efforts.
    Jeff and Padma Randall