Thursday, December 27, 2012

ZL over for dinner

Sometimes after Zone Leader Council we will have some of the Zone Leaders over for supper.

 Elder Ram and Elder Vaiphei in the office earlier in the day.
 Elder P. Kumar helping me set up my camera.
 back: Sister Wigg (that's me!), Elder Wigg (my sweetie!), Elder P Kumar, Elder Hollings, Elder Fitzpatrick, Elder Barlow, Elder Edens.
front: Elder Ram, Elder Raja, Elder Henrie, Elder Vaiphei.
We always enjoy having the Elders over.  That is the bonus of serving in the office, getting to associate with so many wonderful young men!  We are super grateful for this opportunity to serve.
Here we have 5 Americans, 2 OCI, and 2 Indians, along with the 2 Canadians, an interesting mix.

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