Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy 38th, Dear!

Elder Wigg and I celebrated our 38th Wedding Anniversary this week.

 I bought the cake at "Cake Walk".  It seems that Elder Wigg and I are 'one':  "Elder Sister Wigg"
Prem took the pictures for us. Thanks, Prem, you did a good job.  I love this photo!
 We blew out the 2 candles.  Well, I blew them out, I found out later.
 He fed me...
...and I fed him, as tradition demands.
 Elder Wigg bought me some lovely flowers and a great card.

Now it's off to dinner at ITC Gardenia Hotel buffet.
Beautiful floodlights 
 The guard at the front gate.
 A gorgeous Christmas Tree
 Cute and creative decorations
We found these cute chairs to pose in.  So fun!

 Can you see my pink shirt reflected in the silver ball?
 The Hotel decor is amazing.
 Our table centerpiece was fresh roses (yellow, my favorite, and also my wedding flower!) and a yellow pepper!  So creative!
 This is the main part of the buffet, wide view to see the size.
 Just a few of the desserts
 A few more of the desserts, showing the style and arrangement
 Lovely Lily
 bowl of pomegranates
 this appears to be gulab jamun
 fresh fruit with vanilla pudding and raspberry sauce
 Chocolate mousse with a pure chocolate wafer
 What is this fruit?
 This cake was so good!
 There was also a wide variety of breads.
 And look what Elder Wigg found...h'orderves!
 And more over here!
 Build your own salad
 This is my first plate of supper.
 Now, stop chewing so that I can take a photo!
 The reception area
 beautifully decorated for Christmas
 Of course we overate, but we really enjoyed the time out together!
We will be together for at least another 35 million years!  Yes!
Thank you, sweetie, for a fun day and a great date night/Anniversary dinner!