Friday, December 28, 2012

Whitefield Road Christmas Party!

Whitefield Road Branch Christmas Party was tonnes of fun!

Firstly, the kids played basketball on the new hoops in the parking lot area.

 Good helping this little guy to get the ball up to the hoop!

 Elder Wigg even got involved and enjoyed himself.

 Go, JJ!

 Joseph was pretty competitive with the other younger boys.
 Families are arriving for the evening.

 Kumar & Usha are arriving
 President Prince began the evening.
 A Relief Society Choir sand a hymn.
 Brother McDonald was in charge of the video production.  He introduced the theme which was "Hold On".
 "And I looked and beheld the virgin again bearing a child in her arms"
 We celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas time.
 There was a magician coming.
 They had a blow up bouncy slide for the kids.  They had a great time.
 And here is the Magician.  The kids enjoyed him, I think.
 There was a candy floss machine, or cotton candy.
 And a popcorn popping machine that was mezmerizing!
 Here comes the popped corn!
 Elder Wigg is seen here with Samuel, one of his favorite young men.
 Yes, I ate popcorn...
 ...and cotton candy.
 This is the tree of life where we partook of the fruit (candy bags).
We arrived at the end of the 'rod of rope' as you will see later.
 We all partook of the fruit of Eternal Life, and enjoyed the 'Love of God' forever.

 Someone's creative with the little Christmas tree decorations.
 Tersamica (Princy) and her darling little son
 Princy's father has joined in the picture. The little guy's not too pleased about something.
 You and your little son are both beautiful!

Now to explain the Spiritual part of the evening. "Hold On to the Rod of Rope!"
 You had to hold the shoulder of the person in front of you and follow along.
 This is the Christensen family taking their turn through the activity.

 You were led by someone (Brother McDonald)
 and you put your hand onto the "rod of rope" representing the rod of iron (the word of God)
 You were advised to never let go of the rope or your family in front of you.
 There were good and bad voices telling you things all along the way, just like life.
 As they came to a barrier, they had to go under the rope, still not letting go.  Still, holding on!
Good job, guys!
 They did so well.  No one let go and they made it safely through the trials and struggles of life.
 Keep going and holding on to the Word of God.
 The whole family made it to the Celestial Kingdom together!
 Now they can partake of the joy of exaltation forever, the fruit of the tree of life!
A spiritual feast!
It's hard to see here, but Elder Wigg had sparkles all over his face from the candy bag!  So funny!

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