Monday, December 31, 2012


Monthly, we try to have the Young Single Adults into our apartment for Family Home Evening.

Today, I made Beef Stew and there were about 15 who came.

 Starting at the back on the stairs: Rohith, Selvyn, Rene, and me (Sister Wigg)
middle row: Uday, Diana, Soumya, Gracy, Bhuvanesh, Jake, Sunil, Raj Kumar
front row: Elder Wigg, Terence, George, Arvin
 I had to include the famous 'thumbs up' shot.
 Of course, there is one photo just for fun.

It was a fun evening.  We ate dinner of Beef Stew and bread.  Dessert was chocolate cake, Christmas cookies, caramels, almond crunch and chocolate dipped strawberries.  The strawberries were a real hit.  We decided they tasted like "a little bit of heaven in one bite"!
Then we met in the living room and discussed Christmas traditions and we read from Luke 2 about the birth of Christ.  We answered a few questions and had a prayer.  One young man suggested we sing some Christmas Hymns so I found a hymnbook and a few of the kids brought out their phones with their music on and we sang 3 or so Christmas songs.  It was fun! These young adults are great.

For some reason, Selvyn wanted a picture of him lifting Elder Wigg.  Pretty funny, Selvyn!  Anyway, here's the picture!

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