Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas preparations

Similar to home, I love to make some Christmas preparations. 

I love to bake and make chocolates and give them away to people.
These I made for visiting teaching and for Jerome to give to his Home Teaching families.

 This is my Visiting Teaching plate of goodies. Starting at 12 o'clock, Chocolate Chip cookies, Shortbread, Banana Bread, Fudge, more shortbread, in the middle, chocolate dipped caramels and Almond Crunch, half dipped.
 Almond Crunch
Chocolate dipped caramels
 Making Cinnamon buns and a cinnamon bun ring for Christmas day.
 Sister Funk gave me some yeast so that I could make better buns.
 But, just as much as the great buns and cinnamon rings we ate, the kneading of the dough was so therapeutic for me.  I loved doing it.  It felt so good to knead the dough!
I love and missed the feel of the warm soft dough in my hands.  It's funny the things you miss from home!

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