Monday, December 31, 2012

BLR Zone Conference

December 18th was Bangalore Zone Conference. It was a fun and spiritual day.

 A special musical number - A Christmas Hymn
 Elder Katuka & Elder Kothangi
 Elder Kashyap, Elder Katuka, Elder Ganaparam, Elder Kothangi
 Elder Katuka and Elder Ganaparam are finishing their missions soon.

 Elder Hyer, Elder Watts, Elder Worton, Elder Yelisetti
Elder Katuka, Elder Randall, Elder P. Kumar, Elder Henrie, Elder Yardley, Elder Ramaraj 
 First we took this district picture, then they said, you are in this district, too.  So we joined in.
 This is our district: Elder Katuka, Elder Randall, Elder Srigiri, Elder P. Kumar, Elder Henrie, Elder Vinck, Elder Yardley, Elder Ramaraj, Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg
 Elder Kothangi, Elder Thanniru, Elder Kandukuri, Elder Kashyap, Elder Ganaparam, Elder Coombs, Elder Sarkies, Elder Christensen
 Elder George, Elder Morrill, Elder Bean, Elder Kullai
Farewell, Elder Katuka. 
Here he is shown at the Mission Home with President and Sister Funk.

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