Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bangalore District Conference -Sunday

It's the second day of the Bangalore District Conference at Whitefield Road.

 Jonas, our good friend gives a hearty handshake to Elder Wigg.
 Some of the earliest members to arrive.
 President and Sister Funk
 Most members enter at the rear of the building.
 Elder & Sister Wilson with President Mudumala
 This is a reception line of young ushers.  It is so cute.
 Here are some more cute little ushers.
 The Choir led by Brother Christensen.
 Inside the new Chapel or Sacrament Hall, as they call it.

 Sister Wilson also wanted a picture of the little girls who were ushering.
 Super cute photo, I think.
 President Prince is at the end of the welcome line.
 Sister Katrina and her mom arrive in their saris today.  Katrina, I love your red!
 Now the busses are beginning to arrive from the other Branch buildings in the city.
 Elder Christensen and Elder Coombs

 Here is Elder Kothangi.

 Elder Srigiri and Elder Vinck, the assistants.
 Sister Shirley from my branch.
 Nice...thanks for stopping for a photo.
 Sweet sisters from Indiranagar Branch.
 Elder Bean, Elder Morrill, Elder George, Elder Pehrson, Elder Kullai

 Sister Portia and her 2 sons arrive on their bike.
 Brother Kiran and his wife arrive on their bike.
 Beautiful white Plumeria
 Sam and Jonas arrive.
 Lovely flower arrangement
 Welcome brothers

 Inside the chapel I can take pictures only until the dedication.
 I see Elder Thanniru center front, a little to the left. This is a beautiful building.  It's interesting to think that it's totally made of cement, walls, roof, everything.  You cannot tell at all.
 I see Elder Kandukuri and Elder Kashyap.
 This is the Bangalore Zone missionary force after the Sunday meetings. I feel bad that we got some sun spots as we were looking directly into the sun.
back: Elder Coombs, Elder Pehrson, Elder Bean, Elder P. Kumar, Elder Randall, President Funk, Sister Funk, Sister Wilson, Elder Wilson, Elder Vinck, Elder Yardley, Elder Christensen, Elder Morrill, Elder George, Elder Kothangi
front: Elder Ganaparam, Elder Thanniru, Elder Kashyap, Elder Kullai, Elder Kandukuri, Elder Sarkies, Elder Katuka, Elder Ramaraj, Elder Henrie, Elder Srigiri, Sister Wigg, Elder Wigg.
 President & Sister Funk with Elder & Sister Wilson
 Leadership: President & Sister Funk, President William, Brother Sundar, Brother Christopher, with Elder & Sister Wilson
District Presidency: in front: President Nixon, President Mudumala, President Stanley
 I love this shot of the Elders leaving conference.
Elder Pehrson, Elder Bean, Elder George & Elder Kullai. Hey, where's Elder Morrill?
 Baskar gave us a spin around the block so Sister Wilson could have an auto ride. Here Sister Funk is enjoying the ride as well.
 5 Elders squished into an auto.  Elder George in front, and in back, Elder Kullai, Bean, Morrill and Pehrson.
See you later Elders!  Carry on with your work!

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