Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bangalore District Conference -Saturday

The first weekend in December was the Bangalore District Conference.

We were super excited to have it held at the new Whitefield Road Church building!

 This is the chapel side of the Whitefield Road Church.
 Nice job on the landscaping for the new building.
 I should know the names of these people, but I can only recall Bro & Sis Clark.
 This is Rebecca who works upstairs doing the same thing I do, just as a full time job for the Service Center.  Here she is posing with her husband and daughter.
 Kannagi is on the far left. She is employed by us for 2 mornings a week cleaning and doing laundry.

 And here is Bhuvanesh, Sandeep and Arvind.
 It's Satish in the center.  He's the accountant upstairs from our office, in the Service Center.
 Members just visiting with each other.
 Sharath in the middle and Deepu on the right.
 District members meet, greet and eat!
 This is the back of the twin buildings.
 This is the side of the classroom segment of the building showing the entrance gate in the distance.
 This is 2 young men eating part of the snack provided, chips and pop.
 Alfred's children are adorable!
 Our friends, Esther, Hepsiba and Pres. David's mom.
This is inside the new chapel and cultural hall prepared for the members of this district to meet together.
 Photo shoot with Uday.  He wanted some good pictures to send to his girl in Orem.

 Lookin' good, Uday.
I have the 'power'! Keep that positive attitude and you'll do well.

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