Thursday, December 27, 2012

Comings and Goings in the Office

There were so many comings and goings in the office during December.

Here are a few.
 Visali is going on her mission and she if doing some of her paperwork in the office.  Sharath is helping her along with Irene.
 Deepu is also watching to see how it's all done.
 Shankar is doing the office repair work.
 How many Indians does it take to change a light bulb?  
One, if it's Shankar.  Or maybe 2, as you see Thomas holding the ladder for him.
 Elder Henrie and Elder P. Kumar dropped by the office. Next is Elder Balaraman, Sharath, Deepu, Visali and Irene. These are all friends of Elder Balaraman who is being set apart to go on his mission today.
 Visali and Irene preparing some papers for me.
 Elder Wigg and I are saying goodbye to Jasmin who is going on her mission today.
 Jasmin and her mom
 Visali, Jasmin and Irene, friends in various stages with their mission preparations.
 President Anthony with Jasmin, Usha and little Chelsea
 These are the three newest Set Apart Missionaries, Sister Joseph, Elder Dhiviyanathan, Elder Balaraman.
 Caren was at school earlier but now she has joined her family, President Anthony, Sister Joseph, Usha, Chelsea and Sister Joseph's Mom.
 Elder Wigg and I took Elder Dhiviyanathan and Elder Balaraman out for lunch at Laajaawab, the buffet near the Office.
 Sister Joseph with her Mom & Dad
 Outside the Office, ready to get into a cab to the airport, the 3 newest, prepared to serve, missionaries.  Go forth to serve!
Sister Joseph was my visiting teacher for a while and I was also her visiting teacher.  She has been a member for 1 year and has now prepared herself to serve a mission for the Church.  Good for you, Sweet Sister Joseph!

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