Friday, December 28, 2012

President Gill and Elder Westwood's Visit

Wonderfully, it is the day that the former Elder Westwood returned to visit his mission with his grandfather, President Gill, the first mission president in the India Bangalore Mission.

 President Gill with the former Elder Westwood
 Matt and Elder Katuka were companions in the office when we arrived in India.
 Elder Wigg, President Gill and Elder Randall are enjoying a visit.
 It is great to see them so happy to see each other.  Elder Randall is actually related to President Gill.

 Joseph was one of President Gill's missionaries.  They are so happy to see each other.
 What a nice experience to be reunited.
 President Gill had a nice visit with Joseph and Charles.
 And Elder Wigg joined in the discussion, as well.
 President Prince with President Gill
 Now this is true joy...upon seeing President William.
 And the joyful hut that follows.
 Good friends
 Sister William was one of President Gill's missionaries who served while he was Mission President.
 President Gill with President William and his family.
 Elder Yardley, Elder Randall and Matt
President Prince visits with Elder Randall & Matt.

Sunday night was a fireside at Indiranagar Branch for any missionaries who want to attend.
 President Gill with President Anthony and Usha
 Bathina's with President Gill
 Sheeba and Brother Thomas with President Gill

 Brother & Sister Doraiswamy with President Gill
 Brother Uday with President Gill and Joseph & his daughter
 Several retuned missionaries with President Gill; President Prince, Sister William, Brother Nixon, Joseph, President Anthony
 President & Sister Funk with President Gill
 Brother Michael and his family with President Gill

 President & Sister Prince with President Gill
 Brother Sundaraj and his family with President Gill
 ...and it's a big thumbs up!
 Bhuvanesh and Terence pose with President Gill and Matt
 Kiran and his wife with President Gill
 Kiran with President Gill
 Kiran and his wife pose for a picture with President Gill and President & Sister Funk
The Doraiswamy family with President Gill and President & Sister Funk
Brother Uday with President Gill, Matt and President & Sister Funk
 Mattathias enjoying a visit with President & Sister Funk
 Jake, Bhuvanesh, Matt, President Gill, Terence, President Anthony
Matt with his grandfather, President Gill, and President Anthony

We really enjoyed the Fireside but especially President Gill's talk.  He spoke about being called as a mission president and also about his conversion to the gospel as a boy.  We heard about the early beginnings of home groups in India and how that has grown into branches and now some wards in 1 stake in Hyderabad.  It is so wonderful to see the growth and hear about the changes first hand.

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